Modern Men’s Hat Style | Urban Fashion 2016

After we talk a little bit about the Men ‘s classic hat/UrbanFashion 2016
Now we will discuss the Men ‘s Modern Hat/Urban Fashion2016 , which has some differences in style but still have the equation in favor of Urban fashion.

Well , below we will explain some modern kind of hats which are perfect for you guys who love the latest modern urban style .
Here it is.

1. Casual Beanie

Modern hat types will be discussed first is Beanie , although some guys consider it not as a hat type, but this head covering , often used by men who love urban fashion. Bennie started to become the center of citizen’s attention when men celebrity of Hollywood wear it on several occasions .
Beanie now favored by many men because of its function is also suitable to wear during the rainy season or winter. Beanie provides warmth to the wearer so that the men who wear it feel more comfortable.
Modern Men’s Hat Style | Urban Fashion 2016 99wtf_casual_beanie_mens_5

Modern Men’s Hat Style | Urban Fashion 2016 99wtf_casual_beanie_mens_4-1

Modern Men’s Hat Style | Urban Fashion 2016 99wtf_casual_beanie_mens_3

Modern Men’s Hat Style | Urban Fashion 2016 99wtf_casual_beanie_mens_2

Modern Men’s Hat Style | Urban Fashion 2016 99wtf_casual_beanie_mens
2. Modern Snapback

Did you know that snapback hat was popularized by Michael Jordan ?
Besides music , snapback trend also spread through sports , especially through the NBA basketball star . Around the 90s, there was an ad for Gatorade products that display one of the basketball legend, who? Yes, Michael Jordan wore this hat as well . The same player could also be seen wearing snapback in an interview session when his team , the Chicago Bulls beat the Cavaliers to win the NBA finals . Since that moment , the selling of snapback hats got increasing until the present.
Day by day , the snapback trend continually develop and change models. Now there are many types of snapback hats produced and each has their trademark, ranging from team snapback Brixton , NFL , NBA team , New Era, Cool Caps and so on. So, if you guys want to look more fashionable in urban look, why don’t you just try to wear this hat?
Modern Men’s Hat Style | Urban Fashion 2016 99wtf_modern_snapback_mens

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Modern Men’s Hat Style | Urban Fashion 2016 99wtf_modern_snapback_mens_2

Modern Men’s Hat Style | Urban Fashion 2016 99wtf_modern_snapback_mens_3
3. Trucker Cap

Have you ever watched American sitcom, titled ’30 Rock ‘ ? At that American sitcom , there was one figure that is quite unique , he was the owner of a hat workshop, named Frank Rossitane, played by standup comedian Judah Friedlander .

Frank is always performed wearing a trucker cap , with a design in the form of text that was different in every single episode. Even in one episode , this guy alternated several times a trucker cap with a different text .

well, for those of men who do not know what the trucker cap , trucker hat cap is a model that the rear panel made of mesh / net. Called trucker cap because, according to its history , a hat like this model often used by truckers in the Land of Uncle Sam, America. Therefore, this hat model is called the trucker cap. So, if there was a public figure who loves to wear this hat, you can also wear it and adjust it to your urban style.
Modern Men’s Hat Style | Urban Fashion 2016 99wtf_trucker_cap_men

Modern Men’s Hat Style | Urban Fashion 2016 99wtf_trucker_cap_men_2

Modern Men’s Hat Style | Urban Fashion 2016 99wtf_trucker_cap_men_3
4. Modern Baseball Cap
And the last modern hat for urban style is Baseball Cap, as the name implies , the Baseball Cap , day after day , it has become part of fashion nowadays , but that does not mean the baseball players had to take off the cap and replace it with a new cap model . And for those who do not follow the sport of baseball , they can wear this hat as part of an urban look , with new logos written on the hat .
Almost all of baseball caps have an identical design or similar to one another . But, the same as the type of other hats , the baseball cap must adapt to the wearer ‘s face shape , those who have face shape rather wide aren’t suggested wearing this hat because it would give the impression that less suitable. Baseball caps are available in various styles, you guys need to know that their style variations are mostly can be found on the front side of the hat is constructed.
Wearing the type of hat is quite right , not merely to support the appearance of men’s urban , but to protect the eyes from the sun and dirt . Do not ignore the size , because it is very important to fit in your head.
Modern Men’s Hat Style | Urban Fashion 2016 99wtf_modern_baseball_cap_men

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Modern Men’s Hat Style | Urban Fashion 2016 99wtf_modern_baseball_cap_men_2

Modern Men’s Hat Style | Urban Fashion 2016 99wtf_modern_baseball_cap_men_3
That’s a little explanations or ideas about modern men’s hat for urban fashion, hopefully these can help you guys to guide your look according to men’s modern fashion, you can seek more information about other hats that are suitable to support your urban look, you can find them on people who love this urban fashion  as well.

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