Men’s Denim Shirt Urban Fashion 2016

Lately, denim shirts have grown into a fashion trend among urban men , even a denim shirt itself has become one of the favorites of men celebrity Hollywood

On the other hand , men’s fashion brand is very well known started making denim shirt as one of the collection is displayed in every stage fashion week .

Denim shirt has many variations that can support men’s urban look, even there is classic 80s style with pockets at the front until the slim-fit which more modern, the others are denim shirt with buttons or zipper, print on the back or plain and hidden or visible stitching.

Denim becomes fashion classics that never timeless. It is worn to school or to wear when to hang out with friends , depending on the suit of clothes you wear. Denim shirt displays casual style cool and stylish . And makes you feel comfortable and confident in urban style.

The denim shirt is perfect to accompany your ‘day off’ traveling with family or friends . The most appropriate clothing with denim shirt is a t-shirt with v-neck.

This denim shirt can be paired with jeans as well. However, to avoid awkward look, select jeans with different colors . Should try to choose a color that slightly faded to be worn on the upper side . Then , choose jeans with a darker color than the upper so that contrasted with one another .

Denim shirt can be worn as outer clothing , wearing t -shirt in it and you guys can wear it with shorts or trousers .

If you guys want another style for urban fashion, you could also be covered the denim shirt with a vest , bomber jackets , leather jackets , biker jackets or scarves . You can modify it according to your taste, or combine upper denim shirt with white linen pants . cool and simple will you get.

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Chinos also seen fit to be paired with a denim shirt . Bright blue denim shirt color has always been a classic choice but if you want to look more modern for the urban look, the nudie color could be an option .

For the evening party, or just strolling around the city, a denim shirt can be worn alongside dark colored clothing . You can also choose casual shoes or boots are vintage . Do not forget to wear a hat and some accessories to complement the urban look.

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