Classic Men’s Hats | Urban Fashion 2016

For fans of urban fashion , the hats which they wear, they become part of freedom expression in dressing. Fans of urban fashion , especially men, they would not feel busy for hair in each time , because the hats they wear are enough to cover their head.

In another side , many people feel the use of hats were not necessary , for some people also wearing hats in summer , to ‘ward off’ the heat of the sun, they wear hats. This sight is different, compared what lovers of urban fashion think, they assume the function of the hats is more than just ward off the sun’s heat. According to lovers of urban fashion , the hat became one trend that continues to be enjoyed, so that when they put on it, their confidence will increase as well and satisfaction in the style will grow continually. And we know that the men who love urban classic hats on the present still remain, a love of classic style is always been there, from time to time.

Here are some types of hats according to classic men’s urban style that can be example;

1.Straw Fedora

Fedora hat , the first classic hat that we want to discuss, it became very flexible hat to wear by men in any situation , this hat is designed so well, so that it’s easy to adjust with any type of clothing .
This hat is often identified with the style of the gangster-like in the movie. Available in many colors , Fedora straw hats fit to wear with scarves and trousers sharply.
But if you want to look more relaxed and casual , you can wear a fedora with short denim pants.

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Fedora Hat suit in wearing by those who have smaller faces , because the crown of the hat can create the impression of a longer face .
But you guys do not wear a fedora with a wider edge because it will create the impression of less fit.
Classic Men's Hats | Urban Fashion 2016 straw-fedora-2

Classic Men's Hats | Urban Fashion 2016 straw-fedora-1
2.Bucket Hat

The second classic hat that we discuss by now is the Bucket hat,
Style hat from around 90’s as if it’s risen and become a trend nowadays.
In some fashion week, Bucket Hat remains becoming the favorite one.
It is very suitable for men who have a long face, because of the moderate ‘s height and natural floppy on the edge.
Its design can give the impression of a shorter face and small ,
as well as the way to put on it on head is by slightly pushing the front is slightly pushing, so that your face is not covered
Bucket Hat is very suitable worn with a vest and denim shorts, it’s a good choice as your summer fashion.
You can find more information about this one hat on street wear labels such as Stussy , huff , supreme , new era and vans .

Classic Men's Hats | Urban Fashion 2016 bucket-hat-2

Classic Men's Hats | Urban Fashion 2016 bucket-hat-1

3.Flat Cap

The third classic one is Flat Cap, a rounded Hat with a rim that is a bit stiff .
This hat was popular in about the 14th century in England, nowadays, it often wore by several celebrities from the land of Uncle Sam and even a model and a pro soccer player David Beckham .

To protect your head from the sun’s heat , the flat cap that also made of cotton , or made from linen could be the right choice in facing the summer .
With a model that has characteristics , it can balance your face shape.

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Some kind of explanations regarding to classic hats to support your urban fashion, hopefully, they can help you guys to get more references to choose , of course, there are other types of classic hats which can support the urban fashion look, but, still looking fashionable on the present, you guys can find the information through various media such as Male Magazine or Internet as well.

Classic Men's Hats | Urban Fashion 2016 flat-cap-2

Classic Men's Hats | Urban Fashion 2016 flat-cap-1

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