6 Best 1950 Haircut That Can Be Worn Today

The style of 1950 haircut comes back recently. Mostly, they are worn by men. Even more, some male celebrities have worn the hairstyles that were popular in 1950s. If you are also interested in it, you need to learn how to create the style.

Popular 1950 Hairstyles for Men

Check out the following popular 1950 mens haircuts below:

1. Classic Greaser

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This really looks class. As its name implies, this hairstyle requires using hair styling product to make the wet look and highly slicked-back style. It works well on different shapes of face including heart-shaped, triangle, oblong, square and oval face. In this hairstyle, you just need to create a defined and sharp part, pointed sideburns and also high shine. To get this sleek appearance, it requires you to have super straight hair.

2. Classic Undercut

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Undercut has been popular since long years ago. Even though modern undercut is more popular today, classic undercut is going to be a trend. This hairstyle comes with slicked back undercut that bring bangs updated with shaved sides. It works nicely on round, heart-shaped and square faces. What you need to do to style it is to create high gloss & slicked back design.

3. 1950’s Pompadour

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Pompadour has belonged to the most popular 1950 haircut and it comes back into today’s fashion. If you want an excellent crowning glory to any image, this hairstyle should be tried. It is appropriate for you who have square, triangle and oval faces. To create the pomp, you should add much height to the front. You may need a hairdryer and a large barrel brush to achieve this style. You can also add more layers into the locks for the better look.

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4. Conservative Hairstyle

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For 1950 short hairstyles, conservative hairstyles can be considered. To add volume and movement, you need to use color with a warmer hue across your crown and subtle highlights around the sides. You can choose your desired color. In this hairstyle, you need to keep your hair length around the top and sides. You can create the sweeping vintage appearance with your own fingers to tame the side back with a wax and leave the top foppish & natural.

5. Messy Waves

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You can also opt for messy waves if you want more rebellious style. Men with heart-shaped, diamond, triangle or oblong faces are allowed to wear this haircut and it is best for men with natural curly / wavy hair. To get the style, you need to keep the back and sides neat & short. Use a wax or pomade to keep the hair in place. However, do not be too fussy and keep it natural.

6. Coiffed Curls

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This 1950 haircut is also recommended for men with natural curly hair. To create the style of vintage volume, you should add layers to the whole head. Besides, keep the back and sides short. After that, scrunch dry the hair with mousse to create charming and natural effect. This classic hairstyle really looks great for today’s fashion.

Description: 1950 haircut can be worn today. However, you should select the options that are appropriate for today’s fashion like the following best ideas.

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