Men’s Urban Shoes Trends

After we read about the Size And Color Men’s Shoes , now we will discuss the types of men’s urban shoes and their wearing . Here are some kinds of them that suit to support your urban look :


Do you guys want to show masculine’s impression of urban look? If yes , then you can try wearing men’s’ boots . The boot is a type of shoe with laces that have high above the ankles . It also has thick soles and usually made of materials that are not slippery during wear .

We recommend this for your boots wear in casual events and daily urban activities . The wear of boot is not as difficult as you might think when used it will feel comfortable . Besides boot is also quite perfect paired with jeans .

Another advantage of the boots is in terms of durability. Boots are designed for more extreme terrains . If it rains , the roads muddy, or in summer the roads dusty, it can quickly make other shoes dirty, but the boots aren’t that way . Because in general, boots are made of leather and rubber sole material, so, boots will be more resilient in a variety of conditions.
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2. Sneaker

The sneaker is a shoe that is very familiar and becomes men’s favorite shoe to wear, isn’t it?

Wear of sneaker isn’t too complicated at all, the sneaker has many colors and available in many models, the characteristic of the sneaker is the lace of sneaker itself

Even though at first the sneaker was created for skateboard sport, but in the long run, this shoe was loved by many people to wear, exception for men’s urban look,
The sneaker becomes one of the shoes that is used for daily urban activities and almost in every single nonformal activity as well.
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3. Loafer

Loafer is the kind of shoes that has a more simple and practical than sneaker itself.
The main characteristic of the shoe itself it may be adopted of sneakers that have an oval shape .
And to wear Loafer is  pretty simple , just enter your feet and done .
Almost like wearing slippers .
Because of practicality and styling looks simple , but it’s stylish enough to show you the men’s urban impression that it is also a quite interesting shoe .
Loafer itself has other types such as moccasins shoe. The difference with the ordinary loafer is moccasins has shorter laces, unlike the sneaker’s laces .
Loafer and Moccasins suitable for use casual urban look and semi – casual . But for some models even allow it to be used as formal shoes as well because the model is simple and elegant. Moreover, if the material is made of leather , then it might be able to apply for a formal event .
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4. Slip On

Slip On has an oval structure, but it’s more oval rather than loafer and more simple than it.
In most loafers we can see there’re seams at upper of the shoe and its shape is also flatter and wide, but the slip on shoe is really oval, usually if there’re seams it is not too visible and do not have string

When you guys want to wear this shoe , then slip on can be used easily as wearing slippers . Just enter your feet in it, and you’re ready to go . About in terms of the model, slip  on is much simpler . Besides , the oval shape and its upper size are not flat.
With all the ease and minimalist style –  but it’s still fashionable , the slip  on is suitable to wear in casual urban look
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Although the kinds of shoes above are still not complete , but we think that those are enough to represent your needs in men’s urban fashion . Remember , that the shoe is like as the cover of your fashion .
So make sure you have shoes that fit to support your urban fashion.

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