12 Best Hairstyles for Men with Beard

When most of men hear about the term of “hairstyle”, they will think about their head. However, they might not always to consider the hair on their face. By not pay attention how your face hair will interact with your haircut, you might lose the chance to bring your style into next level. Of course, there are some considerations when you paring your haircut and beards. You should consider your hair type, beard grows ability, the comparative length and the other factors that can make it or break down your haircut beard pairing. So, you might need some inspirations of best hairstyles for men with beard that will bring you to the top next level.

We agree that beard will play important role in many trending styles in 2017. The more men had realized that beard can balance and completing your haircut for men with beard. Your beard was not only adding your extra dimension on men’s haircut, but also give the other way to express their creativity as well. So, this is some ideas of best hairstyles for men with beard:

1.             Getting man bun or top knot

12 Best Hairstyles for Men with Beard man-bun-top-knot-with-beard


This is may most obvious that you can see, this is because the man bun was designed with a beard. The beard will balance your bun and adding smart contrast. Your hair on the head was a small bun in the back then your beard allow your head to be united as a whole as well. This is also same goes for the top knot.

2.             Messy hair with beard

12 Best Hairstyles for Men with Beard messy-hairstyle-for-men-with-beard

Pairing your beard with you messy long hair was like no brainer. This is also perfectly all right if you have slightly uneven beard. This is meant that you do not need to get regular trim.

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