Timeless 1950’s Men Hairstyles

When it came up with 1950s,, the most common association related with that period was including things like leather jacket, rock and roll style, greaser and more. However, this is also including of 1950s mens hairstyles that bring you into something nostalgic but still popular. In fact, there are some men which like to get slicked back or combover at the top. Men in 50s had long covered from World War II. However the cold war was still closer. This is make the fashion for older male was getting more conservative. As did, shorter haircuts and hairstyle.

However, not all of men in 50s were used to get pompadour or rebellious cut. This is also can give you limps about the past. There are some 1950s mens haircuts that bring you to get classic still look great in this modern era:

Timeless 1950’s Men Hairstyles the-best-1950s-hairstyle-for-men


1.  They used to get some pomades product that hit on 1950. Those products were consist of oil and wax based that make your hair look shiny, neat and getting creative haircut as possible. So, it was gone with slick hairstyle, tall and sometime getting wave, curls and swoops.

2.  You can work with the dry or wet hair. On 50’s, they usually part their hair on the side then begin working with hair which across the other side.

3.  For retro style which give you more conventional look, there were always slick hair whether with or without shine effect. You can go with undercut sides that suit for formal occasion, especially when go with some sheen on it. For men with thick hair, this is can be your smart option.

Those references 1950s mens hairstyles can make your enjoy the past in different way. Even, you also able to combine this 50’s men that creates you in modern look.

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