Undercut Hairstyles Men

Undercut hairstyle is now being one of the best hairstyles which is widely used by many people around the world. Actually, this kind of hairstyle has existed in the past and today this haircut is rebooted and now you can find men with this hairstyle everywhere. If you want to have this hairstyle, you have some options. It will depend on your interest and the nature of your hair. You will decide the style based on your hair. Fortunately, haircut can be applied on all types of hair, including curly, wavy, thick, or straight hair.
Some kinds of Undercut
Long hair undercut
If you want to keep your long hair but you want an undercut, try this hairstyle. You need to slick back your hair in long waves. Use pomade into your slightly wet hair. After that, use your finger to blow dry back your hair and get the style.

Undercut Hairstyles Men long-hair-undercut-men-1

Undercut Hairstyles Men long-hair-undercut-men-2

Undercut Hairstyles Men long-hair-undercut-men-3

Undercut Hairstyles Men long-hair-undercut-men-4
Medium length hair undercut
This will be great for those who have medium length hair. If you have medium length hair, this style can be yours. Use pomade which has strong hold matte finish to your damp hair and comb it into place.

Undercut Hairstyles Men medium-length-undercut-hair-1

Undercut Hairstyles Men medium-length-undercut-hair-2

Undercut Hairstyles Men medium-length-undercut-hair-3

Undercut Hairstyles Men medium-length-undercut-hair-4
Short Undercut
Your hair is short and you need to make it undercut hairstyle? You can easily make it true.  It is said that man in short hair undercut is a great looking man.

Undercut Hairstyles Men short-hair-undercut-men-1

Undercut Hairstyles Men short-hair-undercut-men-2

Undercut Hairstyles Men short-hair-undercut-men-3

Undercut Hairstyles Men short-hair-undercut-men-4-1
Long undercut with beard
A great combination of hairstyle can be between undercut and beard. Don’t shave your beard if you don’t want to. You can have a great undercut with a great beard. You will need to make your undercut to be combover side part undercut. Don’t forget to make the fringe long. Awesome.

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Undercut Hairstyles Men long-hair-undercut-beards-1

Undercut Hairstyles Men long-hair-undercut-beards-2

Undercut Hairstyles Men long-hair-undercut-beards-3

Undercut Hairstyles Men long-hair-undercut-beards-4
One undercut two styles
Want your undercut to be another undercut hairstyles mens? Try this style. you will get two models of undercut in one style. it will fit your activity whether you’re on the business or at the party. Blow dry backwards your hair if you want to the casual style, and you can change it with a choppy look with stronger hold pomade.

Undercut Hairstyles Men two-styles-one-undercut-1

Undercut Hairstyles Men two-styles-one-undercut-2

Undercut Hairstyles Men two-styles-one-undercut-3

Undercut Hairstyles Men two-styles-one-undercut-4

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