Best Short Hairstyles for Older Men in 2019

Year 2019 is almost ending. For some people, having a new look in the holiday season or new year is important, especially when you are over 60. Besides clothes and accessories, the easiest way to change how an older man look is, new hairstyle. Sometimes finding the right hairstyles for older men is challenging, because there are many factors that makes it harder to find the best hairstyles for older men, like thinning hair. Actually, you still have lots of hairstyle option, even when you have a thinning hair. Short haircuts often become a solution for older men with thinning hair. Besides short hair is so easy to maintain, you also don’t need to spend much time and money to take care of your hair. Then, as a final touch, you still can make yourself look younger by adding colors to your hair.

Although most haircuts for men over 60 happen to be shorter, there are plenty of medium and long hairstyles that fit perfectly for older men. Even the natural gray color could make it look more trendy.

No matter how old are you, there are always a perfect haircut and hairstyles for you. In this article, we will share the best short hairstyles for older men in 2019. Keep reading.

Short Hairstyles for Older Men

For those who already 60 years old, maybe you prefer short hair instead of long hair. That’s normal, especially if you have a thinning hair problem. There are lots of short hairstyles for older men that we will share in this section, including spiky haircut, short curly haircut, surfer haircut, short textured haircut, short wave haircut, short pompadour, buzzed haircut, and fade haircut.

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Short Slicked Back Hairstyle

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Slicked back hairstyle or also known as swept back hairstyle is a one of the many popular hairstyle that has a long history as a formal hairstyle. This hairstyle is perfect for anyone with any type of hair, no matter if its curly, straight, or wavy hair. But, if you have a thick curly or wavy hair type, you will need a good pomade to hold your hair back.

Short Side Part Haircut

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If you prefer very short hair, you should try this one. This haircut will look perfect, even if you have gray and thinning hair. Also, this simple, short haircut for older men could look even better when you have a beard.

Short Salt and Pepper Haircut

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Some men just don’t like if he looks too old, even when he is already over 60 years old. You can look much younger by only change your hairstyle. Give a silver color to your short gray hair to make it look like salt and pepper, then use a water based pomade to make a dramatic effect to your hair.

Swiped Short Curly Haircut

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Some people wouldn’t notice hair thinning problem if they have a thick curly hair. There are lots of things you can do with thick curly hair, with or without hair product. The most popular short curly hairstyle today is Henry Cavill hairstyle, many people know him as the Superman. Henry Cavill hairstyle can be an example that you can get a pretty clean and trendy short curly haircut if it’s done right.

Surfer Haircut

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If you have a thick and wavy hair, this one could be perfect for you. There is a time when beach boys hairstyle is only popular among the young. Surprisingly, in 2019, surfer haircut became popular again. To make this haircut look more trendier, try coloring your hair with brown or black.

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Short Textured Haircut

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We can’t just missed short textured haircut from our list. This is one of so many popular short hairstyles that worked on any hair type, thick, thin, wavy or straight. Especially if you like a formal look, this one will be perfect even for men over 60.

Short Wave Haircut

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Short wave haircut not only looks good on women, it’s also looks good on older men, even with thinning hair. The wave makes a thicker hair effect that makes your hair look voluminous. When you have a thinning hair problem, people won’t notice it, because your hair looks thick and voluminous.

Short Pompadour

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You might know pompadour as Elvis iconic hairstyle, but actually pompadour hairstyle named after Madame de Pompadour (1721 – 1764), a mistress of King Louis XV of France. This classic hair style also suits men of all ages, face shapes, and hair types. This would be a perfect hairstyle for older men with thick hair.

Buzzed Haircut

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Many men over 60 years old prefer very short haircuts when they have thinning hair problem. But, actually very short haircuts just looks great on some men, especially when it combined with beards. With buzzed haircut, you don’t need any special treatments to make your hair looks right.

Fade Haircut

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Fade haircut styles are the most popular short haircut in the last few years, as you can see on TV and social media, many actors and social models wearing a variation of fade haircut. There is lots variation of fade haircuts, like mid fade, taper fade, and skin fade. All of those fade variations brings the same effect on a man, masculinity. Does it look right when older men get a fade haircut? Of course! Fade haircut not only boost your masculinity and makes you look younger, it is also makes you look clean and formal.

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That’s it! The best short haircut styles for older men in 2019. No matter if you are over 50, over 60 and what types of hair do you have, there are always haircut styles that fit with you.

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