Best Hairstyle for Men

There are so many types of haircuts nowadays. All of them were popular around the world. If you want to find the  best hairstyles for men, the answer will be different for each person. Someone may look great in undercut, while some other may look awesome in buzz cut. One of factor which affect the choice of the best hairstyle is the face. Feel curious? This article will tell you about it.
Different Face Different Haircut
Each face shapes will have their own uniqueness. The uniqueness will also be followed by the way the hair will look. Menhairstylestoday has told us about this and we will summarize it so that you will get inspiration from it.
Oval Face Shape
The feature of this shape is sharp angles/corners absence near cheeks, the forehead, and chin. Because of the balance and symmetry of this shape, most hairstyles will look great on it. They can be undercuts, quiffs, pompadours, textured slick back, spiky hair, etc.

Best Hairstyle for Men oval-face-shape-hairstyles-men-1

Best Hairstyle for Men oval-face-shape-hairstyles-men-2

Best Hairstyle for Men oval-face-shape-hairstyles-men-3

Best Hairstyle for Men oval-face-shape-hairstyles-men-4
Round Face Shape
This shape has equal length and width. No sharp corners or edge in this shape. To make it look longer, the best hairstyles will be those who has short length in the side but add volume or height. The ideal hairstyles can be undercuts, fohawks, fringes, quiffs, side parts, spiky hair, or slick backs.

Best Hairstyle for Men round-face-shape-hairstyles-men-1

Best Hairstyle for Men round-face-shape-hairstyles-men-2

Best Hairstyle for Men round-face-shape-hairstyles-men-3

Best Hairstyle for Men round-face-shape-hairstyles-men-4
Square Face Shape
Angular, sharp, and masculine are features of square face shape. It is like round face shape: the length and width measurements are similar. The best haircut for this kind of shape will be really short haircut for men such as undercuts, buzz cuts, crew cuts, quiffs, pompadours, and other haircuts.

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Best Hairstyle for Men square-face-shape-hairstyles-men-1

Best Hairstyle for Men square-face-shape-hairstyles-men-2

Best Hairstyle for Men square-face-shape-hairstyles-men-3

Best Hairstyle for Men square-face-shape-hairstyles-men-4
Diamond Face Shape
The characteristic of this shape are strong, wide cheekbones, and angular chin. The best haircut for this shape will be layered, high-volume hairstyle. They can be fringe, faux hawk, brush up, side sweep, or shag.

Best Hairstyle for Men diamond-face-shape-hairstyles-men-1

Best Hairstyle for Men diamond-face-shape-hairstyles-men-2

Best Hairstyle for Men diamond-face-shape-hairstyles-men-3

Best Hairstyle for Men diamond-face-shape-hairstyles-men-4

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