7 Most Impressive Textured Haircuts for Men

Textured haircuts for men recently become on trend. Textured hairstyle looks rebellious. That is why many men love it. Textured hairstyle is appropriate for short, medium or long hair. There are many models of textured hairstyle. So, you have to select the right one for you. It depends on your style. In this article, we will help you to find the best one.

Best Textured Hairstyle Ideas for Men

If you are interested in textured hairstyles for men, here are some of the inspirations that you can follow:

1. Textured Wave

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Textured wave is one of the best ideas. To get this look, you need to build up the hair volume in the wavy style. It comes up easily. In this idea, the texture is used to make a beautiful contrast. Besides that, it also inspires movement of the upper part of your hair.

2. High Texture Blonde

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If you are looking for textured haircuts for medium hair, this high texture blonde can be a good option to choose. This style can be created easily. Your hair should be brushed up with blonde texture. It will create nearly spiky finish at the top of your hair. In addition, the movement of this hairstyle will bring a big attraction.

3. Texture Skin Fade

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This one also becomes one of the most popular textured haircuts for men. In this idea, the skin fade is accompanied by the spiky and sharp modern style fringe. It gives the hairstyle many tractions and still maintaining the hair texture with ease. Anyway, it is considered as one of the most favorite textured haircuts for short hair.

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4. Curls Textured Hairstyle

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Good news for you who have natural curly hair. The natural curls are textured simply to create more volumes. The curls can be brushed up or left flying on the side of your head. This style really creates cute look. Now, you have curly hair with maintenance free.

5. Experimental Textured Crop

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You can try experiment with the textured crop. To get this style, you should combine skin fade on both sides with the razor sharp. You can create certain pattern. Then, lift your hair on the top to achieve this look. The hairstyle shape contrasts with the experimental sides. Even though this hairstyle is not appropriate for formal situation, this hairstyle is really attractive for informal situations.

6. Flow Back Texture

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If you think about longer hair, this one can be tried. Your longer hair combined with a lot of flow that is taken to the back of your hair will create this cool look. However, you should know that this hairstyle needs more styling. But this effort will definitely worth it.

7. Side Brushed with Fingers

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It also belongs to textured haircuts for men we recommend to you. You can style your hair like this easily with your own fingers. So, it is really easy to maintain. You can even change from left part to right part anytime you want.

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