7 Classy Hairstyles for Men over 60

Hairstyles for men over 60 can still look classy. Even though the hair turns gray or even white and the hair texture changes, you can still find a hairstyle that makes you stay classy with your appearance. To continue your best appearance, you need to pay attention to this article. Here, you will find many hairstyle ideas that work best for you.

Best Hairstyles for Men over 60 to Look Elegant and Classy

Here are some of the best haircuts for over 60 that are idea for you:

1. Swept Away

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This is so simple. You just need to sweep your hair with your fingers. Besides that, apply a little spray or gel to create this classic hairstyle easily. This really luxuriate your gray hair. You should show off the silver streaks. To bring out your smoky toned hair, you can use a purple conditioner or shampoo.

2. Debonair Do

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Mens hairstyle for thin hair can also be created like this simple side part. It never goes wrong with the style. In this hairstyle idea, you just need to create a shorter crop on sides. It will give your front hair pompadour flair with no hassle. It works well for black, gray, white or any other hair color.

3. Marvelous Mess

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It also belongs to the best hairstyles for men over 60, too. You have to know that gray hair appears charming when it is tousled & unkempt wholly. As long as you create some styling levels, you may rock bedhead as the hair turns white and silver. To get this stile, just comb your hair up or back naturally.

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4. Casual Pompadour

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Pompadour always looks sexy. So, who says that you cannot look sexy at the age of 60s? This casual pompadour will make your gray hair flattering. This actually works very well for men at any age, even you are over 60. To keep it neat, you can comb your hair backward or left side or right side depending on your desire.

5. Clooney Hairstyle

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If you are looking for short spiky haircuts for over 60, this one can be considered. This hairstyle takes advantages with the flawless personal style. Rather that you try other hairstyles, this simple and neat hairstyle will be much better. It keeps you elegant, formal and impressive. You will never look old with this hairstyle.

6. Short Chop

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Buzz cut and short chop are really famous for older men. If you are interested in short chop, you can wear it. However, you should add style and shape to make an aesthetic look with impressive appeal. With this simple style and look, we are sure that you know well how to achieve this hairstyle.

7. Steely Undercut

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It can be considered as one of the hottest hairstyles for men over 60. Moreover, this hairstyle works well on younger men, women, and anyone. What makes it different from the common undercuts is that it requires you to leave your top hair a little bit longer to create this style. Do not forget to apply gel to make your hair hard like steel.

Description: Hairstyles for men over 60 come in various ideas. To get the classy look at your older age, you can try one of the following hairstyle ideas.

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