6 Best Modern Hairstyles for Older Men

As you get older, you have to think about modern hairstyles for older men. In fact, it is more difficult to choose the right hairstyle when you are older. However, there are many options of hairstyle that may be appropriate for your style. In this article, we will share it all.

Inspirations of Modern Hairstyles for Older Men

If you are looking for the best haircuts for older men, here are some inspirations that you can follow:

1. Slicked-back Widow’s Peak 

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One of the ways to create more distinguished look is by slicking the hair back. This is also good to manage your medium-texture hair. However, you cannot try slicking long pieces over your shiny scalp. You can go for a different haircut if you have a bald spot which is not covered by your hair. For too fine hair, you can slick it back to look thinner. To create a wet look, you can use a pomade or stiff gel.

2. Messy Caesar 

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Messy Caesar belongs to the best older mens hairstyles thinning hair. It brings the layers down over your forehead. They are not bangs because they are too short. Here, you should keep the layers from appearing too blunt & straight across by mussing up the hair with some putty or clay. To prevent the hair from making a line across the forehead, you should have the ends cut using a razor or with scissors vertically.

3. Ivy League Alumnus 

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This is the next idea of modern hairstyles for older men. This is very ideal for a middle aged man. This is a great hairstyle for a clean-cut coed. The key is to create a side part as well as little texture. It grows up after you are over 40. You can keep it longer a little then brush it up a bit on the top to disguise the thinning areas if possible.

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4. Spiky, Short & Smoky 

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It is the next option of older male hairstyles. In this hairstyle, you should combine spiky, short and also smoky. To get this style and look, you should cut your hair with a little bit longer at top comparing to the sides. After that, spike it up using a soft-hold product. Then, direct the sides towards the front to blend everything.

5. Curly Windblown 

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This curly mostly looks thicker even when you lose some. With your curly hair, you can look more handsome at older age. What you need to do is to gradually flip back your front layer. Besides that, cut the back and sides shorter compared to the top. Then, keep your sideburns longer to balance out the texture and movement.

6. Man Bun with Fade & Full Beard 

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This is another best option of modern hairstyles for older men. The top hair is left long. Therefore, you can pull it back into a high bun. Then, fade the sides into a short crop. Leave the beards full but this is groomed tightly by your cheekbones. For more rugged look, let the hair out of the elastic.

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