11 Mens Hairstyles over 50 Years Old

When men are 50 years old or more, they usually do not care about their hair. Even more, sometimes they often lost their hair. It makes most men do not look interesting anymore. However, you should be different and stay looking good. What you need to do is to find the ideal hairstyle. Therefore, in this article we will share about mens hairstyles over 50 years old.

Mens Hairstyles over 50 Years Old to Wear

When you are 50 years old, you have to be careful in choosing hairstyle. In this case, we recommend you to plan short and medium hairstyles because long hairstyles are not good enough. If you do not have any idea, we will help you find your desired hairstyle. Here are the ideas of hairstyles for men over 50 years old:

Textured Layers 11 Mens Hairstyles over 50 Years Old Textured-Layers-mens-hairstyles-over-50-years-old-1

This textured & layered haircut will be a great choice for older men. It is appropriate for men with short hair where the short layers are at the top of head. To make it look cool, you can style it with matte finish like Baxter of California Clay pomade. You should also be confident even if you wear eyeglasses.

The Buzzcut 11 Mens Hairstyles over 50 Years Old The-Buzzcut-mens-hairstyles-over-50-years-old-2

This also becomes a nice option for old men who want a hairstyle with low maintenance. Even more, you can style this hairstyle by your own at home. However, you must have good nerve, skill and appropriate tools. As one of the simplest mens hairstyles over 50 years old, it requires you to cut off your hair extremely short, especially at the sides. That is why it is easy maintenance. Even more, you do not need to comb your hair if you do not have time for it.

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The Short Crop 11 Mens Hairstyles over 50 Years Old Short-Crop-mens-hairstyles-over-50-years-old-3-464x1024

It also becomes another good choice of short hairstyles for men over 50. This hairstyle is also low maintenance. This hairstyle requires you to cut your hair with finger length at the top. On the sides, the hair should be tapered shorter. To style the hair, you can use cream or light paste. In addition, short & cropped beard will go very well with this hairstyle. You have to keep your Beard trimmed neat & shave your neck routinely. Unkempt Beard will make an older man look older. So, you have to keep it neat.

Loose Wavy Shag 11 Mens Hairstyles over 50 Years Old Loose-Wavy-Shag-mens-hairstyles-over-50-years-old-4

It will also be a good idea to have medium hair at older age. One of the best medium hairstyles for men over 50 is loose wavy shag. This is really great for mature men. With your medium hair, you have to create loose layers. You do not need any tool because it can be styled using your own fingers with paste or gel or pomade. However, you have to keep it neat especially if you often go out because wind can make it untidy.

Long Layers 11 Mens Hairstyles over 50 Years Old Long-Layers-mens-hairstyles-over-50-years-old-5

With your gray hair, medium hair long will be a good idea. In this case, one of the mens hairstyles over 50 best to try is with long layers. This layered hairstyle keeps men look youthful and hip. However, you have to care for your gray hair regularly using good shampoo. So, your gray hair will stay looking bright. For the style, we recommend you to create center parting. However, you have to cut shorter if the hair gets longer. It works well with neat Beards.

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The Classic Tapper 11 Mens Hairstyles over 50 Years Old The-Classic-Tapper-mens-hairstyles-over-50-years-old-6

Classic tapper is a hairstyle that works nice on men at any age. So, no matter how old you are, you will not go wrong with this hairstyle. As one of the best hairstyles for guys over 50 years old, this requires you to tapper your hair at sides & back. Then, pair it with longer hair at top. To create versatility, you can create your desired parting to the side. You can also consider more casual appearance with loose hairstyle.

Bald with Longer Beard 11 Mens Hairstyles over 50 Years Old Bald-with-Longer-Beard-mens-hairstyles-over-50-years-old-7

Many men especially older men are not confident with baldness. Even more, they always try to grow their hair with certain product. Actually, bald can still make you look cool. You do not need to grow it. What you need to do is to grow the beard longer. This will be a great idea to try. If you can keep your beard neat, you will look younger even if the beard gets white. Now, you can go confidently with this bald hairstyle.

Undercut Side Part 11 Mens Hairstyles over 50 Years Old Undercut-Side-Part-mens-hairstyles-over-50-years-old-8

This belongs to one of the most popular mens hairstyles over 50 years old even though mostly it is worn by young guys. But considering the look, it is perfect for older men. It also works well to be paired with Beard. It will create Bohemian touch on your face.

Side Quiff 11 Mens Hairstyles over 50 Years Old Side-Quiff-mens-hairstyles-over-50-years-old-9

This side quaff belongs to the most magnificent ideas of older men hairstyles. It comes with modern approach which guarantees good looking. You need to thank to the sharp execution of the haircut because it really looks awesome.

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Volume Pompadour 11 Mens Hairstyles over 50 Years Old Volume-Pompadour-mens-hairstyles-over-50-years-old-10

You may be familiar with pompadour hairstyle. However, this one is a little bit different. In this hairstyle idea, you have to create higher volume at the top hair. It also requires shaved sides. This hairstyle is best paired with Beard. What makes it recommended is it is appropriate for any shape of face.

Bun Hairstyle 11 Mens Hairstyles over 50 Years Old Bun-Hairstyle-mens-hairstyles-over-50-years-old-11

Bun is a hairstyle that is more identical to women. However, men can also go with bun even at the age of 50 or older. If you have long hairstyle, you can try this hairstyle idea. It is really simple and easy to recreate. You just need to create bun at the back top of your head with your long hair. It does not matter whatever your hair color is. With this hairstyle, you will look modern and savage. If you want more, you can also wear sunglasses. Now, you are ready to rock. Hopefully these mens hairstyles over 50 years old can inspire you.

Description: Mens hairstyles over 50 years old should be selected wisely. Here are some of the best hairstyle ideas for old men who still want to look cool.

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