Latest Men’s Fashion Trends 2016

Fashion world continually growing in 2016, this trend is not just only for women, but also for men as well.
Go stylish is not just a must for women, because the men nowadays has been aware of the latest trends to support the way they dress, in that way, they maximize their performance.

To improve the look, it’s not about the style of dress only, there are other things that also must be considered . For example, men’s hair style also must be adjusted to their fashion look. This is totally important, even though you guys wear nice latest outfit it could be less attractive because your hairstyle doesn’t look good, and you guys certainly do not want an awkward look. Regarding to that, we will discuss about latest men’s trend which can support and bolster your style, so that you get more confidence.
In this year, there are several styles of men’s fashion which are predicted to be latest men’s fashion trend.
And these are some of them;

–    Striped Pattern Shirt
Latest Men’s Fashion Trends 2016 striped-pattern-shirt-fashion-idea

Latest Men’s Fashion Trends 2016 striped-pattern-shirt-fashion-style
Pattern Striped Shirt be the very first latest trend we discuss. Clothes with striped pattern like this back to trend in 2016 because it is suitable to worn by a wide variety of body shapes, but remember in choosing shirt’s motif need to be precise. For those with a skinny body should choose this shirt with plaid and big horizontal stripe. As for those who are obese are advised to wear a plaid or a small vertical stripes motif.

–    Earth Color Tones Clothes
Latest Men’s Fashion Trends 2016 earth-color-tones-clothes-men

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Latest Men’s Fashion Trends 2016 earth-color-tone-suit-for-men

Latest Men’s Fashion Trends 2016 earth-color-tones-clothes-fashion

Latest Men’s Fashion Trends 2016 earth-colored-fashion-style-for-men
The second latest trend is the earth color  like beige, black, brown and gray will be the trend  in men’s fashion 2016.  Softer color will seem more attractive than the bright colors.
And to maximize your look, clothings with those colors suit well when paired with a variety of other accessories, such as men’s sunglasses, bracelets or rings to enhance the impression of fashion.

–    Cargo Trouser
Latest Men’s Fashion Trends 2016 cargo-trouser-trends-fashion-for-men

Latest Men’s Fashion Trends 2016 cargo-trouser-trends-for-men
Cargo with slim piece will be the next trend in 2016. This trouser is preferred because it looks casual and cool, it has many pockets, making this trouser suitable for outdoor activities or for those who love traveling.

–    Double Button Blazzer
Latest Men’s Fashion Trends 2016 double-button-blazer-fashion-ideas

Latest Men’s Fashion Trends 2016 double-button-blazer-for-men

Latest Men’s Fashion Trends 2016 double-button-blazer-urban-style
If you are a person who likes to look neat you can wear double button blazer, it is a suitable for semi-formal occasions. In order to look more masculine and tidy, you can pair the blazzer with a plain shirt or as well with turtle neck t-shirt.

–    Velvet Clothes
Latest Men’s Fashion Trends 2016 velvet-clothes-fashion-trends

Latest Men’s Fashion Trends 2016 velvet-suit-for-men-trends
If you guys want elegant and neat look, the velvet clothes can maximize the way you dress. There are several types of latest clothing made of velvet that will emerge in 2016  such as jackets and blazers. The problem that often occurs upon these clothes are sensitive to heat and clothes detergent. So make sure you maintain it properly.

–    Denim Shirt
Latest Men’s Fashion Trends 2016 denim-shirt-casual-style-for-men

Latest Men’s Fashion Trends 2016 denim-shirt-fashion-ideas
Denim shirt is always been latest trend in men’s fashion world. Besides, it looks casual, denim is also suitable for semi–formal occasion. But if you guys want to wear denim shirt we recommend you to wear underwear  like T-shirt in white or plain black, so that you look more fashionable in the way you dress.

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Thus the latest men’s fashion trends in 2016, hopefully it could some options for  those who want to look cool and fashionable according to men’s trend in this year.

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