Ideas for Simple Men’s Fashion| 2016

Simple Men’s Fashion – Most men don’t have ideas regarding to what they should wear to look modest in dress , but, the article below will guide you to look simple in fashion.

1.Fit is a must – The most dramatic changing that you guys can make in your own fashion style is to ensure that everything that you wear fits. The first point that we want to remind you is how important fit is. Most people wearing clothes too large. It seems like, they have no idea how to wear good. You have to make sure everything you wear is always been fit for the shape of your body.

2.Be Smart in dressing – Certainly, you want a simple outfit which looks nice on you, right? But please do not force it. Don’t wear too many hues in dressing. If you want to look simple according to men’s fashion, you could wear a shirt, white or black shirt, leather belt and black jeans and your sharpest shoes. You can add some accesories on your hand with a watch or some bracelet in you want to.

3.Improve the way you see casual – Casual is not boring, you can make some differences. Go search a few celebrities on the internet or your idol that can give your more inspirations to get more ideas about men’s fashion.

4.Be aware of trends –  If you want to buy something just because some people out there said that it is “in” by now – think again. Several people rush for buying the latest trend, and you know what guys? All clothes that they bought “end up” in wardrobe.

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5.Do some Experiments with style – “Go out and try new things”, it’s the best way to learn something new. Let’s make an effort to try something different – do it many times. If you make some mistakes, fix them, and do again. Most guys have no ideas to express what they want to, even through their own simple fashion style. Too bad.

6.Ask people’s Opinion – Sometimes people around you say nothing about your look, whether it is looking good or not . You must ask them about it. Therefore, ask every single person you trust in. Ask about your apparel, shoes etc. Ask about it to your best friend or your relatives!

7.Know what you need – Before you guys determine to buy men’s fashion item, ask yourself at first that you buy it just because of the brand name? Or, because you really need brand new shoes to replace the old one?
8. Don’t go shopping with no companion – In fact, it’s so hard to believe what the sales say at the shopping center for they certainly work for commission. Go shopping with a friend of yours that will give you an honest opinion.

9. Collect some shoes – Never underestimate the bottom look. We are talking about shoes, yes shoes. People around you will see your shoes that you are wearing -clean or dirty, they will judge it. So, the idea is, you have to ensure to keep your shoes well when it’s not been worn, and cleanse them before you wear it for daily activities.

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10.Accesories can help. – One of American Designer Billy Raid who has a thousand ideas for men’s fashion, says, “Less is more with accessories, and I like them to have a purpose,” says Reid.
It means choosing the accessories is more than just a garnish, so when you want to choose some items, please choose them carefully, not choosing carelessly.
You guys have red ideas for simple men’s fashion, and from here, you have known as well – what you need to do and what you need to avoid – , that’s why at the point number 10, we said, ‘choose them carefully’ not instead.

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