How To Choose Men’s Flannel Shirt

How To Choose Men’s Flannel Shirt flannel-shirt-for-urban-fashion-1

Choosing Men’s Flannel Shirt is very important to know. As we already known that the shirt is a fashion that is often used in everyday life, whether in the formal or informal events. But, maybe there are some guys out there who don’t know how to choose men’s flannel as well. We’re here want to help them, so that they or you guys can get the right flannel shirt to wear, then you need to read some useful tips below regarding to how to choose men’s flannel;

– Flannel shirt that you buy must have a size that fits in your body. Even though you already have a standard size of the body , but sometimes it will not be the same, sometimes it could be too small or too oversized. Therefore , if you come directly to the store shirts, then try first. Basically, if the shirt fits on the tip of the shoulder, then the shirt works well for you .

– Choose men’s flannel shirt is by selecting the basic material of the shirt . The basic material of the shirt with a mixture of cotton with polyester can be the first choice . As you already know that cotton absorbs sweat and polyester material will make your shirt easy to ironed and not easy to be crumpled.
How To Choose Men’s Flannel Shirt casual-flannel-shirt

How To Choose Men’s Flannel Shirt flannel-shirt-combination-for-men

How To Choose Men’s Flannel Shirt men-flannel-shirt-style-and-model How To Choose Men’s Flannel Shirt mens-flannel-shirt-fashion-ideas

How To Choose Men’s Flannel Shirt mens-flannel-shirt-red
-Then the color selection , you are also required to choose the right color according to need. The dominant color of dark and light can be your fashion choice . Generally, the dark color is used for official events .While bright colors are generally used for semi – formal events and casual. If you want to wear bright colors in a formal event , it is okay, as long as you can combine it with a knit sweater or men’s jacket which has a tendency to keep the dark color, so that gives the impression that not too casual .

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– The models of sleeve shirt also can be your choice in selecting the right shirt. There is short-sleeve model and there is also long sleeve. If you had to choose between the two because of a limited budget, you should choose a flannel shirt with long sleeve because it could be flexible. We mean, when you need it in informal situations, then you can roll up the shirt so it will be more casual .

That’s some tips about how to choose men’s flannel, hopefully this can help you guys to choose men’s flannel appropriately.

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