33 Beard Styles for Black Men that is Right

Looking for beard styles for black men? Although beard styles hardly differ from one race to another, there is an unexplained sophistication that black men have compared to those of the Caucasian race. Their coffee colored skins are exotic, and if you are looking to grow a beard as a black man, then you could not be anymore right with visiting this article. Why? Because I am here to write to you about the types of beard that would suit an aspiring black man such as you (or your friend).

Without further wasting time, let us check the types of beards below:

Go full manly with a full beard

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I am not saying that men without beards are not manly, but there is nothing even more marvelous than seeing a man with a well-cared full beard. Full beard suit black men with every kinds of faces, so if your face is curvy, boxy, or oval-y, then you could not go wrong with choosing a full beard. This ol’ classic is the perfect choice for you.

Sculpted beard is nice to look at

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Aside from the classic full beard, you can also choose to sculpt it. Sculpting (carved, for the traditional way of saying it) beard is very popular, and many black men choose to wear their beard like that because it make them look classy as heck. Pair it with a suit and you will earn that true blown gentleman look.

If not, you can add the soul in a soul patch

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You know that downward triangle-like beard you saw in movies or perhaps in anyone sporting it? That particular type of beard is called a soul patch. In men, it is manly. In black men, it is Godsend. With it, you might just dazzle those around you.

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All in all, those three are three of the most popular beard styles for black men.

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