Men’s Belt Wearing | Accessories 2016

Wearing a belt is a necessity in the world of men’s fashion

So it is important for you guys to know what types of belts are suitable to wear and in accordance with the clothes you wear

But in fact , there are many men  who do not know the belts are fitted for their life and sometimes it makes those guys look awkward with their belts when they wear them, like wearing a Belt Length , as  we know that Belt length has a wider space , but sometimes the belt is too long and makes someone look a bit weird.
And, that means many men must learn and understand the types of belt and even its brands.
And the good news that it’s not difficult to learn about those belts, besides, there are plenty of men who  have their own favorite types of belts with high taste, you guys can ask them about it as well.

Two simple types of men’s belt;

Formal belt 

In the use of it, you must really know that the belt is recommended to be paired with suits and formal trousers . Or you guys can also wear it without the coat, but the shirt only. It does not matter.

The formal belt feels smoother because it is made from leather .
You can use this belt to support your each occasion at an official event .

Men’s Belt Wearing | Accessories 2016 formal-belt-3

Men’s Belt Wearing | Accessories 2016 formal-belt-2

Men’s Belt Wearing | Accessories 2016 formal-belt-1

Casual belt

In the use of this belt, you are expressing an expression of the soul and make you look more fashionable.
This casual belt can be used along with jeans, chinos, cargo pants and trousers.

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Men’s Belt Wearing | Accessories 2016 casual-belt-3

Men’s Belt Wearing | Accessories 2016 casual-belt-2

Men’s Belt Wearing | Accessories 2016 casual-belt-1
So how do I choose a good belt ?

You can easily search for any branded belts out there . You guys can find it at department stores or small stores . The most important thing is you know for what purpose you guys wear the belt.
If it for the purpose of formal events ,then, buy a formal belt, if you need it for holiday events or family gathering, wear a casual belt.
In that way, you are wearing the right belt . But if you guys have difficulty in choosing of the belt, you can ask the fashion experts around you.

Whether you guys wear a belt for fashion purposes or anything , it can not be denied that in every men’s activities, they should have belt accordance to their needs and wear its accordance the state. That’s about men’s belt wearing that you guys need to know.

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