20 Most Attractive Of Spiky Hairstyle For Men

You might think that spiky hairstyle was so nineties, except they were totally not. Spiky hairstyle was reaching the high popularity during nineties which everyone also wears with lower baggy pants. In fact, this is only get better with time as well. For modern man, hair was their primary portal to expose their personal approach to life. spiky haircuts for men was very suit for peoples who want to get look professional during their day job, the look was faster combed down for formal ocassion and you can get with slicked back into party mode. So, you might wonder about reference of spiky hairstyle for men that work best on you. You should note that spiky haircuts for men never be bored.

1. Short spike on top

20 Most Attractive Of Spiky Hairstyle For Men Best-short-Spiky-haircuts-for-guys-825x510


This is will show your gorgeous face that also works best with your maintained mustache which flow in your short line up beard. You can get buzz cut on sides for simple upward spikes. This style also suit for your any occasion.

2. Spiky cut with cleaned bare face

20 Most Attractive Of Spiky Hairstyle For Men bolinbarber-short-mens-haircut-spiky-2017-new


If you want something more neat, you can go with this style. Facial hair might not sit for all men. You can pay attention on your longer strands by applying some products that make your spikes stay in whole day.

3. Spiky cut with edge to edge fade

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This hairstyle will work on your straight line for getting fresh look with spiked hairstyle. You can create precise line up from your forehead then come up across your check.

4. Long spiky hair

20 Most Attractive Of Spiky Hairstyle For Men Layered-Spiky-Hairstyles

This is also depending on your length on hair top. You need to make your top’s hair hold straight up and voila. This is also go well with your groomed bread which enhances your manly look. Even this style is also suit for your business look as well.

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