12 Sexy and Cool Hairstyles for Older Men

When men get older, their hair usually turns to white, fall, and have some other problems. When you are over 40 or even 50, this may happen to you. However, it should not stop you to look sexy. Your appearance will stay cool and sexy if you can find the ideal hairstyle. Therefore, we will share some of the best hairstyles for older men that will make you stay looking sexy.

Best Ideas of Hairstyles for Older Men

There are so many haircuts for older men that you can try. However, you cannot choose the hairstyle carelessly. We have some collections of hairstyle. Hopefully these can inspire you so that you can choose your favorite one.

Slicked Back Widow Peak 12 Sexy and Cool Hairstyles for Older Men Slicked-Back-Widow-Peak-sexy-and-cool-hairstyles-for-older-men-1

If you want to look different from others at older age, you can try slicking your short hair. This is appropriate for you who have medium texture hair. With this hairstyle, you can manage your hair easily. To make it perfect, it will be a good idea to apply gel to keep your hair stay in place. However, some older men do not like using hair gel. If you are one of them, you can use pomade and your hair will look wet all day.

Messy Caesar 12 Sexy and Cool Hairstyles for Older Men Messy-Caesar-sexy-and-cool-hairstyles-for-older-men-1

One of the most recommended hairstyles for older men is messy Caesar. This hairstyle requires you bring your front layer down onto your forehead. But it cannot be called as bangs because too short. You can create the ends cut using a razor or scissor. So, it will not make a line across the forehead.

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Ivy League Alumnus 12 Sexy and Cool Hairstyles for Older Men Ivy-League-Alumnus-and-cool-hairstyles-for-older-men-1

This hairstyle is suitable for clean cut coeds. It requires you make a side part & little texture. You can keep a little longer but make sure that the hair stays in place. So, you need to apply gel or pomade. This belongs to the coolest older men hairstyles for thick hair. With this hairstyle, your will look much younger than you really are.

Spiky Short Smoky Hairstyle 12 Sexy and Cool Hairstyles for Older Men Spiky-Short-Smoky-Hairstyle-cool-hairstyles-for-older-men-1

Let your hair color speak itself even it is a little bit gray. In this idea, you are required to cut longer at the top whereas the sides are shorter. Then, you should spike up your hair using a soft-hold product. After that, direct the sides towards the front to blend together. Now, you fill find you look handsome with this hairstyle. It does not only work on young men but it still works well on older men.

Curly Windblown 12 Sexy and Cool Hairstyles for Older Men Curly-Windblown-Hairstyle-cool-hairstyles-for-older-men-1

Usually, curly hair looks thicker even you lose some. One of the best hairstyles for old men with curly hair is curly windblown. This hairstyle idea requires you to flip front layer back. Then, cut the sides & back shorter than its top. Besides, you need to keep your sideburns long to make the movement & texture balanced. With this hairstyle, you will not look having curly hair. On the other hand, it looks natural. That is why every man at any age will always look fresh wearing this cool hairstyle.

Bun with Fade 12 Sexy and Cool Hairstyles for Older Men Bun-With-Fade-Hairstyle-cool-hairstyles-for-older-men-1

It also belongs to the sexiest hairstyles for older men. In this hairstyle, the top hair should be left long. Then, you can pull it back into high bun. Besides, the sides should be faded into a short crop. To make it look cooler, you should stay with bread. Even you are getting older, this hairstyle will keep you look cool.

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Frosty Temples 12 Sexy and Cool Hairstyles for Older Men White-Temples-Hairstyle-cool-hairstyles-for-older-men-1

If you are looking for older men hairstyles for thin hair, this one can be a good idea. This hairstyle is appropriate for you who want to have white hairline. This is very simple so that you can follow it easily. You just need to comb your short hair back especially at sides. With this cool hairstyle, you will exude experience and wisdom.

Surfer Cool 12 Sexy and Cool Hairstyles for Older Men Surfer-Cool-Hairstyle-cool-hairstyles-for-older-men-1

You should not be confused to choose your new hairstyle just because you get older. You just need to keep your hair a little bit shorter like this. Do not forget to comb your hair up so that it works best for older men with thick hair. You can also keep your hair in place by applying gel or pomade. Even though your hair gets white, it does not matter because it still looks cool and sexy.

The Vintage Wave 12 Sexy and Cool Hairstyles for Older Men The-Vintage-Wave-Hairstyle-cool-hairstyles-for-older-men-1

Actually, this hairstyle is appropriate for any age of men from young to older men. However we can say that it belongs to the most recommended hairstyles for older men. It requires you to cut your hair short but not too short. So, you can create the wave like this. With this cool hairstyle, your smile will always be impressive.

Funky Pompadour 12 Sexy and Cool Hairstyles for Older Men Funky-Pompadour-Hairstyle-cool-hairstyles-for-older-men-2

Who says that getting older cannot look funky? After you see this hairstyle, you will realize that you are wrong. This works best on middle aged men. This pompadour hairstyle comes with short sides. To make it perfect, you should keep your bread in medium length. It will give you urban appeal. With this hairstyle, age is just an age.

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Surfer Shag 12 Sexy and Cool Hairstyles for Older Men Surfer-Shag-Hairstyle-cool-hairstyles-for-older-men-6

Surfer shag also becomes one of the coolest haircuts for old men. In this case, you have to keep the hair longer all around. In this hairstyle, you must not chop your hair off. You have to lop your hair off just below your ears. Do not forget to add some cool layers. Last, you have to part your hair off the center.

French Braid 12 Sexy and Cool Hairstyles for Older Men French-Braid-Hairstyle-cool-hairstyles-for-older-men-1

You should not be afraid with your long hair even you are older. There are many hairstyles for older men and this French braid is one of the best ideas to try. With your long hair, you can braid it. If other people prefer bun, you can be different with this long braid. Even you are not young anymore, it is not too old for you to wear this hairstyle. Hopefully these can inspire you to find your desired hairstyle. Now, it is your time to decide which one you want to choose.

Description: Hairstyles for older men should be chosen carefully. Here are some hairstyle ideas that will make older men look cool and sexy.

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